We are not your typical consultants or researchers. It’s just not who we are. Individually, we have been called smart, quirky, creative, innovative and even abstract in our thinking. Collectively, we pride ourselves on our personalized service -- real engagement, real partnership.  We consider ourselves a hybrid of research scientists and strategy consultants.  Equally comfortable borrowing from market or social research or “blowing-up” these approaches and models to get at nuggets of brilliance.


We are committed to the belief that diversity of experience, people, ideas, and thoughts lead to more innovative and future-focused solutions for our clients.  We represent many different experiences and backgrounds, schools of thought and intellectual passions. We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the changing world around us with the goal of moving beyond repurposed approaches to creating what has yet to be created.  We are committed to challenging ourselves and our clients to take risks, be bold, and seek out new ways of thinking.  And, we believe in doing so with thoughtfulness and kindness.