Luminas, LLC is a brand and research strategy consultancy. It is the brainchild of four different yet complementary, experienced professionals with decades of knowledge and wisdom about how to uncover, explore and solve business problems with imagination and inquiry.  Founded in 2017, Luminas is based in the Washington, DC area, with offices in Stamford, CT and Fort Lauderdale, FL. With years of global experience, we service clients in the US and abroad.


Luminas is a team of forward-thinking consultants. We are not concerned with titles, positions or egos.  Our focus is on getting the job done efficiently and satisfying you, the client. We bring our best to everything we do so your organization can shine. 

Meet our team.

Marie LaFerriere

Marie specializes in all things healthcare.  Her experience ranges from oncology to chronic illnesses to preventative care. She loves helping clients bridge the gap between their market and their brand strategy. She lives in Annapolis, MD.

Felisha Lewis

Felisha’s insatiable curiosity and love for collaboration have fueled her 20 year career helping clients build and measure their brands.  It’s a great day when she can immerse herself in her client’s business or “geek out” with her colleagues regarding a new insight or finding a creative way to share those insights. Felisha currently works in Reston, VA.

Roz Pierson

Roz’s focus is on helping clients retool their strategy and execute research that helps address their business challenges. She has lead engagements across several verticals, including healthcare, financial services, and, academe. She particularly enjoys using her background in communication to lead domestic and international content studies. Roz resides in Washington, DC and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.


Fred LaManna

Fred’s passion is synthesizing market-based information in a way that clearly suggests organizational action. He has consulted on marketing initiatives in BTB environments ranging from biopharmaceuticals to technology, to financial services.  Fred has also driven engagements in BTC categories including CPG, retail, transportation, and the not-for-profit sector. He lives in Ridgefield, CT.